KludeOn is redesigning the shopping experience.

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KludeOn builds solutions to tackle the challenges retailers are faced with, in today’s competitive landscape. We use computer vision and augmented reality to unify cross-platform experiences for consumers by simplifying the buying process both in-store and online to deliver more enhanced interactive experiences.

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Computer vision API

Our API recognises household products across several platforms, which can be further customised to a retailer's needs.

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Augment Reality Campaigns

Using augmented reality (AR), retailers can create targeted campaigns that are introduced at the point of sale, to engage consumers.

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Optimised customer experience

We offer retailers methods to optimise customer experiences virtually and instore to engage with customers which were previously not accessible to them.

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Our team brings together extensive relevant expertise with 15 years of retail experience, operation skills, connectivity know-how, specialised AI recruitment, Data Strategy & Digitalization of large corporation.

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